Boogeyman 2


To be honest, I never saw the 2005’s “Boogeyman.” Ever since “Darkness Falls” I learned that just because a movie uses pale characters with harsh and oversaturated set designs doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good film. Aside from “Darkness Falls,” we were tossed Wes Craven’s “They” and a handful of schlock that involved grown ups battling their childhood fears in low-lit apartment complexes and family homes. I mean…the movie’s about an adult who fears the fucking Boogeyman. Regardless, I caught the end of it while visiting my dad a while back and it wasn’t AS atrocious as I would’ve imagined. Well, before I could even take a shit, a sequel was announced. (I read about it on the toilet pre-shit). Here’s the thing though…there’s no fucking Boogeyman in this movie. It would be like someone filming “Terminator 4” without the Terminator. Oh wait, they’re already doing that.

Regardless of my horrible analogy, the movie is about a girl who as a child was terrified (along with her brother) of the boogeyman. One night, their parents are brutally murdered and they get all sad and what have you. Now an adult, Laura (the aforementioned girl) checks herself into a psych hospital to tame her fears seeing how it helped her brother battle his demons. Well, anyone who has seen any film in a psych ward knows what to expect now…characters with overwhelming phobias trying to over exaggerate the side effects of them. Soon a killer (dressed in an awful boogeyman costume) is on the loose, murdering each patient by…get this…their phobias!! OH MY GOD.

Though the film has some mildly gory scenes, there really isn’t much to save it in the replay value area. As Dimension Extreme’s “Buried Alive” taught us, not even a guest appearance by Tobin Bell can save a movie. I swear; that dude’s becoming the new Lance Henrikson of horror cameos. With a plot twist that a pirate with two eye patches can see, “Boogeyman 2” is nothing more than a straight-to-DVD film that used a bigger budgeted title to help it make a profit. Halfway through this movie, you’ll hope that the boogeyman does exist and that he’s right under your bed.


(Note, I know that my reviews are generally MUCH longer than this, but I’ve been fighting a fever of 103 and I don’t think that discussing “Boogeyman 2” should give me any more of the cold sweats than I already have. Believe me, I’m doing this for both of us.)



~ by exploitnation on March 2, 2008.

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