Ghouls Night Out – The Mourning After


Ok, let’s just get the obvious out of the way…

Mass’ Ghouls Night Out are an all girl band full of cuties wearing leather mini-skirts that could probably break your heart at first sight.

That out of the way, let’s move on to the review shall we?

From the opening notes of the anti-surf opener: “Demons are a Ghoul’s Best Friend” to the final howls of the blues-y album closer: “The Rage”, Ghouls Night Out’s album “The Mourning After” not only wins a prize for a witty album title but also takes the cake for best horror surf band without typical surf bands’s annoying clichés. Vocals traded off by Myra (who also plays the “clean” guitar) and Amy Von Eerie (who plays the “fuzz” guitar) never get boring, the back up vocals which I assume are performed by the rhythm section (Vampie on bass and Lily on drums) are the perfect dose of snotty yelling and/or singalongs that suits this fucker wonderfully.

While my favorite song on the album is Amy’s “Monster Love” I find the “fuzz” guitar that she bangs out her parts on to be mildly distracting and it makes me wish the “clean” guitar that Myra is so graciously giving us would save me…then it does with a wonderful solo…just before I decided I HATE the fuzz guitar.


Upon doing some research on Ghouls Night Out, it appears that Amy and her fuzzed out guitar are no longer in the band and they are continuing as a three-piece. If I could have ONE wish for “The Mourning After” it would be that the fuzz guitar wouldn’t be there. The songs on this 8-song cd are great and without the background fuzz stuff distracting me-this would be near perfect album…Short & Sweet. That said, I think Amy’s vocals are amazing and when Myra & Amy trade off like on the track “Psycho a go-go” it’s like fucking cocaine to my ears.
I really really REALLY look forward to something new from Ghouls Night Out, they strike me as the kind of band that would really benefit from being on vinyl, (having that thick almost “vintage” sound-get on it Necro-Tone Records!!!) and I imagine that live, these girls would be amazing…and like I said…they’d break your heart and steal your boyfriends…at least one can dream.

Charlie “There’s nothing you can do to keep me away” Brown


~ by exploitnation on March 2, 2008.

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