Zapped again!


1982’s Zapped brought us the Scott Baio/Willie Aames combo that anyone one born in the 70’s or early 80’s will remember for it’s laughs, nudity and Scatman Crothers. It goes without saying the film is a staple of any T & A film fest…but what about it’s lesser-known 1990 straight-to-video sequel; Zapped Again!? Let’s find out…

First we meet Kevin (Todd Eric Andrews-a poor mans David Spade) as the new kid at a Emerson High school (I use the word “kid” loosely) who is making moves on the hottest girl in aerobic wear; Amanda (Maria McCann), her idiot boyfriend; Wayne (Reed Rudy) and his flunky buddy; Cecil (David Donah). After a tussle in the school yard broken up by Coach Kirby (Lyle Alzado) we find out Kevin is a “classic under achiever” that has been through 5 or 6 high schools already and things aren’t off to a good start at Emerson. Kevin hits the town to look for a job and gets a part time job at a wiener restaurant where he catches the eye of his co-worker; Lucy (Kelli Williams). After Kevin joins the science club, finds a stash of Scott Baio’s “Prune Juice” from part one and is force-fed it by Wayne, he begins to be able to spray ketchup all over the place, lift up girls’ dresses, splits girls’ jeans, makes girls’ shirts bust open, the usual tricks that a teenage guy with telekinesis would do. After Kevin becomes the cool kid in school, Amanda hooks up with him (much to the dismay of Lucy) forcing Lucy to make her own “Zapped juice” allowing her to get revenge on Amanda and the “cool” girls-hearts get broken, more people take their clothes off, and the film gets very close to the edge of TOO touchy feely-but it’s all good.


All in all, it’s a weird cast with a weird assortment of cameos…I mean Alzado, Karen Black, Sue Ane Langdon and even Linda Blair (as a super cute teacher) are all in this masterpiece. Why? I don’t know. It doesn’t strike me as the kind of movie where they could afford to pay anyone, let alone the B movie “stars” I already mentioned. Sadly director Robert J. Rosenthal didn’t follow up Zapped Again with more of his tongue in cheek sex comedies (besides making the original Zapped, he also gave us Malibu Beach, The Van and The Pom Pom Girls) because this sequel to Zapped was the last thing he ever did…again…it’s a shame.

I rented this movie when it first came out and I was saddened by it’s lack of nudity, but I think I may have seen a different version because the version I recently watched kicks off with nudity within the first 3 minutes. Zapped Again! is a good movie. It’s not groundbreaking, I mean, you definitely get what you expect-it’s a straight-to-video sequel with none of the original cast made in 1990 but if you are a fan of innuendo humor, bad acting and comedies that don’t care about their viewer then you will love this movie. It’s widely available on DVD, and since the original Zapped isn’t, do yourself a favor and pick this up today. Tell ‘em Charlie sent you.

Charlie “I get paid to handle wieners all day” Brown


~ by exploitnation on March 2, 2008.

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