“What is Exploitnation?” ….fuck if I know.


Hey motherfuckers-what’s happening? It’s cold out eh? Fuck yeah.

Anyway, let’s get this shebang off and rolling. Today Andrew suggested to me we each work on a “letter from the editor” kind of thing, and a million themes ran through my mind…”I’ll talk about how hardcore underground we are going to be with Exploitnation. I’ll talk about how we are only going to talk about films that are on the fringe. We’ll be the heroes to the underdog filmmakers! They will love us!”

Then I thought about my most recent theater experience…Cloverfield…twice in three days. Ok, that’s not very “underground/fringe/underdog”, and what is the next movie I will probably see on a big silver screen…Rambo…

Which made me think: “Wow, Charlie Brown are you ever a douchebag, hypocritical liar. Why do you think you are so cool?” (Well besides the fact that I am really cool, of course) I have realized that however “underground” you think you are, you aren’t.

Who’s original these days? Does it matter? Read my articles and reviews, are they original? No. Funny, honest & sincere? Yes. Is that ok? Why not? Who is to say what is exploitation these days? Is a film like Cloverfield exploitative? Well…Kinda…I mean…I saw it based solely on clever marketing which created in me an obsessive compulsion to read every word written about the movie over the past 6 months. What about Rambo…is that exploitative? Sure. I mean, let’s face it, Stallone just doesn’t look right. He could kick my ass, and he has millions more than me, but the guy just aint right-yet he’s a leading man. So what makes something exploitation? I don’t know. I don’t fucking care. I mean some of my favorite movies in recent years have been big budget monstrosities and is that ok? Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?

That said I am not going to write a review of a movie like Cloverfield, because even though I loved it, you could google “Cloverfield” and find a million fucking reviews. Now, google “Aerobi-cide” and see how many reviews you find? I am not going to say that we are the only people reviewing these types of films, but we are of a dying breed and that’s fine. Personally for as much as I loved Cloverfield, I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of “critics” to dissect it…BUT…I would love to sit and watch Aerobi-cide with a room full of people, have some beers, and laugh at how insane, yet, utterly awesome it is. I hope that is what we will achieve with Exploitnation…discussion about these kinds of films mixed with creating new fans for “these types” of films. So what that means is if you read one of our reviews/articles, and you want to give your input, fuck yeah, that’s awesome, by all means, leave a comment after the review/article or if that’s not your thing, then shoot us an email … exploitnation@gmail.com and we’ll write you back or just make fun of you, either way discussion is happening and that’s fucking cool.

So anyway, read some of this shit, check the films out for yourself and don’t try to define what we are doing, cause we don’t have a fucking clue either.


Oh, and happy fucking New Year,

Editors note…This was written in late Jan ’08 and since then I HAVE seen Rambo, and it was fucking awesome.


~ by exploitnation on March 11, 2008.

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