If you got your pubes in the 80’s like me, you probably remember a little show called “The Greatest American Hero.” A show about an average Joe with a white guy fro that finds a suit that gives him superpowers. Well the guy from that show, William Katt, also managed to star in a few movies. Probably the best of which is the classic 80’s gem House. House was written by Fred Dekker writer/director of Night of the Creeps and Monster Squad. That alone should get you seeking this one out.


It goes like this. Divorced horror writer, Roger Cobb (Katt), moves into his dead aunt’s house to write his latest novel about his experiences in Vietnam. Shortly after moving in, he starts hearing his missing son’s voice. Ignoring this, he settles in to do his work despite constant interruptions from his neighbor Harold (George Wendt of Cheers fame). Rog knows there’s something weird with the house when monsters start popping out of the closet, mounted fish come to life, and garden tools go on the attack. Old Rog becomes convinced that the house is alive and his son is trapped somewhere in it.


What makes this movie great is William Katt’s performance. His straight-faced humor throughout the movie is the perfect contrast to his character’s descent into madness. At one point Roger is attacked by a monster that used to be his ex wife, whom he dismembers and buries in several small holes throughout his backyard. All the while “Baby You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt plays. Katt’s portrayal of a man who is grief stricken but at the same time starting to come to the realization that he may be bat-shit crazy is a thing of beauty.

House has some big laughs and some genuinely creepy moments as well. The best of which has to be when Roger breaks the bathroom mirror and discovers it’s the gateway to another dimension where his son is a POW in Vietnam. That and a final showdown between Roger and Bull from Night Court, make House one of the most underrated horror/comedies of all time.


So, if you’re looking for cheesy special effects, a plotline that doesn’t make much sense, and a great flick to enjoy with friends and beer, House is a must see. If beer is your only friend, then like me you probably already own this movie.

**This review is of the laserdisc edition of House. Laserdiscs are great because they’re big like records and when broken can form lethal stabbing weapons.

**House Trivia: The star of House William Katt was rumored to be the first casting choice for the role of Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars franchise.

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~ by exploitnation on March 14, 2008.

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