Friday the 13th Remake

So the good news is Michael Bay’s upcoming remake of Friday the 13th (to be released 2/13/09) has finally found someone to play Jason Voorhees.  Derek Mears (Cursed, The Hills Have Eyes 2 remake & D-Wars) has been cast in the role of the unstoppable killing machine with a slight Oedipus complex and a love for all things hockey.


Mears is obviously a huge dude, and will look great killing idiotic teen agers in both creative and non creative ways as the iconic hockey masked killer (which even though he doesn’t get the mask until part 3, Bay has confirmed that he will be sporting the mask for the remake).


 The bad news….?


 Michael Bay is remaking Friday the 13th.


 Fuck that guy.



~ by exploitnation on March 30, 2008.

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