Ok, ok, ok…

So yesterday’s post was a joke. A bad one, but a joke none the less. What surprises me now is that Andrew hasn’t returned my calls and/or emails. So if I am really psychic and Andrew is dead-I apologize for making jokes about the situation. BUT it would be pretty fucking cool if I was psychic wouldn’t it?

You know what my first inquiry would be?

Why the fuck aren’t you guys posting more comments on this site?

Seriously, we have been active for a month now here at this wordpress site and the hits have been ongoing and quite steady. In fact here are some of the keywords that have led you to our site over the past two days:

“scarecrows trailer”
“hell night (1981)”
“the victim,trailer (thailand)”
“the carwash company”
“amazing beach bunnies”
“phii khon pen trailer 2
“dead mary script”
“the night flier review”
“julie k smith dallas connection”

So, I mean, other than the person looking for a place to get a carwash & some weirdo who is on a quest for “amazing beach bunnies”, the readers are on the right track. Now, we just have to get the discussion moving…no?

I love to talk to people, I love to hear from people, I wanna know if our reviews are shitty, tell us-we love that shit.
That said, if you do LIKE them, then hell yeah we wanna know that too, and of course, suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

All that aside, you have probably noticed some reviews from a new Exploitnation guy, DeadMike and you are wondering “who is that guy?”

Well let me tell you, DeadMike is a man who hangs out in his makeshift theater room in his basement, watches laserdiscs in the dark, and has a fridge stocked full of beer within an arms length of his couch. The man digs his horror and we dig him so we are glad to have him aboard. Say hi to the fucker.

So, there is your homework…enjoy the site, welcome DeadMike and for fucks sake leave us comments, let us know you’re alive…or what more (or less) you wanna see from this site.

We’re all in this together…


…that’s my rant for April,

Love Charlie


~ by exploitnation on April 2, 2008.

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