Prom Night (1980)

To gear up for this weeks release of what looks to be god awful remake of Prom Night, we at Exploitnation have made it our duty to supply you with fresh reviews of the original series. Here is the first installment…Enjoy

“If you’re not back by midnight… you won’t be coming home.” In 1980 disco was king and the slasher film industry was born. Not as well known as the king of slashers; Friday the 13th, and featuring Leslie Neilson disco dancing with Jamie Lee Curtis, is Prom Night. Prom Night starts out with an innocent game of Hide-n-seek gone awry. A group of kids are playing and a little girl falls out a window and dies. The kids make a pact that they will all say it’s an accident. Fast-forward to six years later and someone’s making scary phone calls to the same group of kids as they’re preparing for their high school prom. Kim (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Alex (Michael Tough) are the brother and sister of the young girl who died in the beginning. Kim’s boyfriend Nick (Casey Stevens) is getting ready to take her to the prom when his dad says: “For a guy so fast on the disco floor, you are the slowest.” This statement alone foreshadows the horrors to come: lots and lots of disco dancing. Meanwhile, two cops at a murder scene are worried that a killer is loose. They’re right, but it’s not who they think.

Our killer rips his victim’s pictures out of the high school yearbook and stabs the pics with a shard of glass right through the throat. We later see the high school Janitor picking up particularly sharp pieces of a broken mirror. We’re led to believe the janitor is probably the killer, too easy. Kim and Nick head to the prom and disco ensues. Since this is an early slasher I guess no one told any of the characters that if you have sex or do drugs, you’re dead. Well… kids at the prom fuck and die, kids take the pot and die, all at the hands of our killer. When bad girl Wendy and bad dude Lou show up to the disco prom, they get served by Kim and Nick disco style in a dance off better than any shit you’ll ever see on Dancing with the Stars. At times Prom Night seems more like a disco movie with a slasher in it, than a slasher movie with disco in it. Crazy Canadians.

Bad dude Lou and his buddies tie up Nick and Lou plans to replace Nick as prom king. Lou promptly gets his head chopped off by our killer. Kim unties Nick and prom-goers watch as Nick and the killer wrestle on the disco floor. Kim bonks our killer on the head with the back of the axe and realizes it’s her brother Alex’s eyes in the ski mask. The bonk ends up killing bro, but not before Kim pulls off his ski mask to reveal to everyone the shocking truth. Her brother is wearing make up. See, Alex was getting revenge on the other kids that were playing the game of hide-n-seek in the beginning that resulted in his sister’s death, which in turn resulted in his interest in lipstick and blush. Roll credits.

Prom Night is nothing new these days, but in 1980 this was fresh, shocking, suspenseful drive-in movie material. It follows the traditional slasher formula before there was a formula. Prom Night helped create the formula.

**This review is of the “hard to find now that the remake is coming out Friday” edition of Prom Night.

**Prom Night Trivia: In Canada, Jaime Lee Curtis got the nomination for best foreign actress on the Genie Awards for her role in Prom Night.

Doing the cookie dance while listening to “Goodbye Horses” and applying lipstick,



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