Prom Night II: Hello Mary Lou

There’s nothing I love more than a good sequel. Especially back in the 80s when big titles were able to produce straight-to-video sequels that had NO relevance to the original film’s plot whatsoever. Such is the case with “Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou”. I wasn’t a big fan of the original because it was boring and trying too hard to live up to the late 70s slasher films that brought in the big bucks at the time. With the sequels, they’re just fucking fun tongue-in-cheek horror films. And with IMDB Plot Keywords “Female Nudity / Matricide / Lesbianism / Incest / Lesbian Scene”, “Prom Night 2” is sure to be a hit with any T&A horror fan. Or people who want to kill their mothers and/or have sex with them. Okay…point being, it’s a win/win situation.

So let DJ Andrew take you way back to 1957. A time when guy’s clothes were tight and girl’s vaginas were even tighter. Well…with the exception of Mary Lou Maloney. Mary Lou (Lisa Schrage) wants to be Hamilton High’s prom queen more than I want to have sex with that girl from comedy night whose name I keep forgetting. Mary Lou ditches her good-guy date Bill to fool around behind the stage with some wise-crackin’ badass named Buddy. That doesn’t sit well with Bill so he attempts to pull a prank on ole Mary Lou. When she gets on stage to accept her crown, Bill tosses a giant stink bomb behind her. Bill’s plan goes better (or worse) than expected when the fuse accidentally lights Mary Lou’s dress on fire turning her into the “hottest” chick in school. Queue fade…

We’re now in the present (1987 to be exact) and back at Hamilton High. Bill (Mary Lou’s nice guy date) is now the principal of the school (and also played by general badass Michael Ironside) while Buddy has become a priest. (Leave it to the horniest guys to become priests, am I right?) Now, I could go on and tell you ALL about our main character Vicki (Wendy Lyon) and how she has a nice father, horrible bitch mother, nice boyfriend, good friends, and wants to be prom queen but that’d be a waste of time. Let me cut right to the chase. Mary Lou’s soul gets free and possesses the fuck out of Vicki.

While possessed, our red-headed vixen walks around buck-naked in one scene (full frontal and all), tries to seduce her sexy best friend in the shower, makes out with her own dad and kills her bitch mother. When it comes to the kills, some of them are tame but others are quite awesome (the locker death for instance). The acting is decent for an 80s film and the movie takes it self half seriously which is another bonus…(consider that most of the last names in the movie are after iconic horror masters, such as a teacher whose last name is “Craven.”)

I’m gonna be honest with you…I’m pretty drunk right now. I’m in the process of moving and went out tonight to do stand up comedy and got quite wasted. But don’t let that stop you from watching “Prom Night 2”. This is definitely one of the best films in the series. With full frontal nudity, some sweet deaths, Michael Ironside’s head, and some subtle incest…this film will make you wish your Senior Prom was as eventful as that of Hamilton High.

The Hidden Message: Being prom queen ain’t worth dying for. It’s worth killing for.


~ by exploitnation on April 11, 2008.

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