Prom Night III:The Last Kiss

If you look up “Prom Night 3:The Last Kiss” on IMDB.COM, you find the following plot keywords:” Heart Ripped Out”, “Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship”, “Severed Finger”, “Sex With Ghost” & “Slasher”…sure, sounds good to me.

I met Mary Lou Maloney (played by uber hottie Courtney Taylor), our ghostly hot villain by chance in the summer of 1991. I was hanging out at my Aunt’s house, and came across a movie she had rented called “Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss”, (the cover had a hot girl and a dude on a motor bike) so I was game. I saw the original Prom Night movie a few years prior but I had yet to see any others in the series. Part 3 (I assume) is a continuation of “Prom Night 2:Hello Mary Lou” but I wouldn’t know for sure, since our girl, Courtney Taylor isn’t in, I haven’t done too much to track down a copy. Anyway, the film opens up with a prom in hell; everyone is zombie-like, slow dancing to some 50’s doo-wop. We catch Mary Lou with a file trying to break free of her “hell prom” shackles, she breaks out of hell, shows up at a present day high school in the form of a jukebox (!?), kills some dude who recognizes her and the opening credits roll!!! Now we’ve got our main “hero” Alex (Tim Conlon) as a High School senior with a foxy girlfriend named Sarah (Cyndy Preston), who is sort of cool/sort of a loser dude and is confused about his love life after meeting the ghost of Mary Lou (a girl burned to death years ago in a school fire). He inadvertently has sex with her on a U.S. flag at school (!?), we see his balls, and Mary Lou decides that SHE is Alex’s new girlfriend and kills anyone who tries to fuck with Alex’s grades, life, or their “relationship”. In a round of a bout way Mary Lou convinces Alex, that what she is doing is all good, and that if Alex doesn’t help her dispose of the bodies (by burying them in the school’s football field) she is going to cut him off from some hot ghost sex. Of course this weighs heavily on Alex and Sarah’s relationship, causes tension between him and his idiot friend Shane (the annoying David Stratton), and all around makes him wonder why he looks so much like the dude from Gremlins, (ok, he doesn’t wonder that, but every time I watch this piece of glory I can’t help from thinking it). Mary Lou has some creative Freddy Krueger-like kills that range from turning teachers into banana splits to giving a guidance counselor a battery acid perm. Eventually Alex realizes that no amount of ghost sex, good grades and new motorbikes is worth the hell that Mary Lou has brought upon his life, and no matter how hot she is Alex needs to kick Mary Lou out of his life. Mary Lou gets pissed off by being rejected by Alex and decides that if she can’t have the perfect life WITH Alex, then Alex is going to spend his life going through hell. Alex then gets the murders pinned on him via some bumbling detective work from some throw away cops and Sarah refuses to believe Alex is a murderer but goes to the prom without him anyway. Mary Lou plans on raising hell at the prom, but instead drags Alex down to “hell prom”. Sarah then follows Alex to try and save him, a battle ensues, Alex & Sarah literally drive out of hell, and all is good until the happy couple go to a malt shop, and Mary Lou gives Alex one last present. Credit roll and some shitty late 80’s rap provided by Maestro Fresh Wes ruins the vibe of the movie.

Is Alex cleared of the murders? Is Mary Lou still in our world? We never find out. Oh well. This is a perfect Saturday afternoon horror film that weighs heavily on “Evil Dead” for camera angles, “Grease” for character references and gore not unlike a “good” TROMA film. A movie very welcoming, entertaining, and makes you remember what it was like to go to a video store that still had the saloon doors near the back of the store that contained all the porn. Oh those were the days. Sadly, in 2003, “Prom Night 3:The last kiss” was released on a double feature DVD along with the fourth installment “Prom Night 4:Deliver us from Evil” (no Mary Lou in this one), and was heavily cut. Taylor’s nude scenes were cut along with the shot of Conlon’s balls and several pieces of “questionable” dialog. In this day and age there is no reason for studios to release these half assed prints of movies. Thanks to film companies such as Artisan, fans of movies such as these have to spend their days scouring used VHS stores and/or ebay when they could be sitting on the couch wishing Courtney Taylor still made movies. Damn you large faceless corporations! Give me your movie; I’ll put out a release that fans would appreciate.

If you need me, look behind the saloon doors. Charlie “I don’t get mad, I bake!” Brown.


~ by exploitnation on April 11, 2008.

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