Prom Night IV:Deliver Us From Evil

Ok, I don’t know where writer Richard Beattie got the balls to write this movie and call it “Prom Night 4” BUT he should have called it “Priests that go nuts and kill Canadian kids” because that would make more sense than this in name only sequel that tied up what was a decent franchise…sadly…PN4: Deliver Us From Evil doesn’t leave ANYONE begging for a part 5…and if you say “Blame Canada” I am coming out of your fucking monitor to deck you. Anyway…let’s take a stroll down memory lane…

1957 to be exact…

First we meet a crazy priest Father Jonas (James Carver), who while praying begs Jesus for the power to kill all the “sluts and whores” as he clenches his rosary so tight he begins to bleed…ok…Then he heads off to Hamilton High, where he offs a couple fucking in their car, blesses their car as it goes up in flames (!!!) and then heads back to his seminary where the other priests figure out what a mess he has made and they lock him up. Flash forward to 1991 and we meet Father Colin (Brock Simpson) who was supposed to go away on some kind of trip for the church, but is told that the church needs him now more than ever. Colin’s mentor; Father Jaeger (Ken McGregor), explains to Father Colin that Father Jonas is locked up in the basement because he is “beyond evil” and all this other scary bullshit. Jaeger suddenly dies and now it is Father Colin’s duty to the church to be Father Jonas’ guardian.

Next we meet our soon to be victims who are a bunch of students at the catholic school attached to the church holding Father Jonas in the basement. We get the usual run of stalker victims; BFF’s Meagan (Nikki De Boer) & Laura (Joy Tanner) and their respective “bad boy” boyfriends; Mark (JH Wyman) & Jeff (Alle Ghadban) who all plan on going to the prom together. While the girls have a sleepover that turns into a make out party (sadly not with each other), Father Colin notices stigmata-like markings on Father Jonas and Jonas makes a break for it and busts out his prison. After the four ditch the prom and head to Mark’s family vacation home, they are stalked and killed off by Father Jonas. You can pretty much guess the rest.

The gore is minimal with mostly off screen kills, there’s some nudity (although not nearly enough) and our man Paul Zaza’s score is all over the place (as par his usual) with eerie monk-like hymns mixed with tender elevator midi crap that always leaves me baffled. Zaza you’ve done it again.

While the movie doesn’t have the comedic elements of the previous two sequels, and it’s not the worst film ever made, it’s definitely a step in the “what the fuck?” department… It’s a slasher film set on prom night (where the kids don’t even go to a prom, let alone spend more than 2 minutes at a school), with weird religious OVERtones and you wouldn’t think that would be a bad setting, but it plays more like an episode of the outer limits than a full length film. Maybe it’s the setting (prom in the middle of winter?), maybe it’s the acting (James Carver has to be seen to be believed…I think my beta fish is a better actor), or maybe it’s the made for tv feel that gives it this “I don’t wanna watch this movie” vibe. I don’t know…as hot as De Boer is (and all the lesbian undertones) that can’t make me recommend this movie to anyone, but I would be a bastard if I said to avoid it too…let’s just say this…if you’re a fan of the series and are looking for more Mary Lou craziness then stay away from this, if you can watch it and NOT think of it as a film in the Prom Night series then you may enjoy this little ’92 Canadian slash-o-drama.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Charlie “I like to get laid on Friday nights…Jesus I love Fridays!” Brown


~ by exploitnation on April 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Prom Night IV:Deliver Us From Evil”

  1. great review, i’ll besure to tell my freinds on youtube & myspace a bout this, i have like 7,780 freinds. so i’ll spread the word.

  2. you have a lot of friends. thats nice.

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