Cloverfield on DVD 4/22/08

The good new is Cloverfield (which I loved) is being released on DVD in North America 4/22/08.

The bad news is many retailers will have exclusives for their stores only, making this one of the worst double dipped releases of all time.

*FYE & Suncoast will have their release come in one of those cool steelbook cases.

*Best Buy’s release comes with a bonus DVD “TJ Miller’s Video Diary” which will have 30 minutes of behind the scenes bullshit.

*Target will be releasing a CD called “Rob’s going away party” mix featuring a bunch of shitty bands that were played during the movie’s party scenes.

*and those crazy Aussie’s will have to wait until 5/22/08 but they will get a jumbo sized tin holding the film and maybe one of those parasite things too…who knows.

Now who gets your money? Charlie “Double Dip” Brown, that’s who motherfucker.


~ by exploitnation on April 15, 2008.

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