Demons II

The film starts out with a ridiculous spoken word deal where some creepy dude sums up what happened in Demons (part one) in about three sentences…ok…then we cut to a bunch of cakes (?!) for an apparent birthday party for our hostess; Sally (Carolina Cataldi-Tassoni). (Seriously?) …next we meet our partygoers, a bunch of weirdos who are all heading to Sally’s high-rise apartment…couple that with some of the locals who live in the building (a pregnant couple: George (David Knight) and Hannah (Nancy Brilli) ) and a group of crazy, and I mean fucking nutso body builders (led by Bobby Rhodes: the pimp who died in Demons 1 is now a gym instructor named Hank) and the usual run of the mill upper middle class residents. After Sally has a freakout about her wardrobe, she notices the strange film playing on cable that night…guess what movie it is? It’s a documentary about what happened in Demons part one (except for the fact the movie within the movie looks more like the movie that the crowd watched in part 1, with our creepy voiced guy at the beginning of THIS movie explaining what happened in Demons part one). Whew, does that even make sense? If it doesn’t….well..honestly it doesn’t make sense when you watch it either, let alone listen to me babble and attempt to explain it, so give me a break. Anyway as the party “rages” the kids all sort of slam dance to Panic by The Smiths, some dude answers the phone, Sally has yet again ANOTHER freakout, and then someone gets scared by a dog that looks like Benji. After Sally ditches her party, she goes back to watch the movie on TV, a demon comes out the TV to attack her, she turns into a demon, kills her friends, thus beginning the spread of the demon disease through the building…you can guess what happens next, everyone is trapped in the building fighting the demons off or becoming one of them, and there is some fucking crazy fight scenes involving the demons and the weight lifter gang…. oh and Benji turns into a monster…blah blah fucking blah…it is what it is.

What’s fucking weird about this film is the way it cuts from Demons 2 and the movie that is playing within the movie. In the original it was very obvious what was the movie within a movie, and what was Demons, however in Demons 2 it’s all murky and there is no rhyme or reason why they show as much footage of the movie that is playing on TV as director Bava does. It just confuses the viewer…I mean, seriously, are they watching the movie from Demons part 1? Are they watching a documentary? Are they watching my home movies? I have no fucking clue. Do you?

Personally, I think Demons 2 would have worked way better if they had not acknowledged part 1 at all. Almost as if part 2 was happening simultaneously at the same time as part 1, because the logic that part 2 happens after part 1 doesn’t make sense. Part 1 ends on a pretty apocalyptic tone…we are led to believe that the demons are everywhere and NOT just contained to a small movie theater, yet in part 2, (other than the crazy movie within a movie) the world seems fine…

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible movie, I guess it’s a decent companion piece, but it is almost shocking that Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava came up with this after how successful they were with part one. It’s sad, and I am the first to love a decent sequel, but this one just doesn’t hit the mark like part 1 did.

While it’s not as gory as part 1, the effects are decent, the demon blood seems to be able to melt everything (bricks, pipes, TV’s, etc), there are demon kids, dogs, punks and Bobby Rhodes gets a ton of screen time! The score is less 80’s metal but not as effective as part 1, I mean I like The Smiths and The Cult but Dead Can Dance can go fuck themselves…you will almost miss the random inserts of Motorhead and Billy Idol in part 2, maybe Argento had less to do with this one, although his daughter (a very young Asia Argento in her first full length movie) IS in the film, so who knows.

I can’t really recommend this to anyone, but at the same time, it’s not the worst movie/sequel I have ever seen. It’s just sort of disappointing compared to the magic that is Demons (part 1). I hate to continually compare part 1 & part 2 over and over, but I feel it is my duty to you my faithful readers to give you the straight dope from one horror fan to another. Awe, I’m sweet.

(do we really need another reason to put up a picture of Asia Argento?)

Charlie “You’re all muscle and no brains boy” Brown


~ by exploitnation on April 22, 2008.

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