Buried Alive

Ghosts are pretty stupid. Sometimes they come back for no other reason except to get back a lost possession or to haunt something stupid like a hairbrush or a videotape. “Buried Alive” is about an axe-wielding Native American ghost who wants her necklace back. Whooo. Sheesh, what happened to bartering?

Some kissing cousins, a boyfriend, and a nerd decide to go on a relaxing trip to some family property out in the desert for some fun and games. Said female kissing cousin also brings along two sorority pledges to do her bidding during the trip. Male kissing cousin really wants to go to the property (which is said to be haunted) to find where his great grandfather buried a large sum of gold that he acquired in the mines and supposedly buried with his first wife. Despite the creepy presence of the property’s caretaker, Lester (Tobin Bell finally not playing Jigsaw), everything seems to be fine and dandy. Of course their presence awakens some random family curse and our friends find themselves being Attackapas’d by the vengeful spirit.

I’m gonna be honest with you, from one horror fan to another. This movie’s not that bad. It’s not that great either. Once it’s over it feels a tad pointless. I mean, do any of us really care about a necklace? Even an enchanted one? Eh…a broach – MAYBE. Despite the weak story, there’s still a few trophies on display here. The characters actually feel a tad original despite that two are sorority girls and one is a nerd. The Aforementioned sorority girls are far beyond on display in this film. It’s seriously like a fantasy scenario. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. These two sexy gals have to run naked through the woods for a sorority challenge, and while I’m no fan of needless nudity, christ on an oak tree; I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. I just got a chill thinking about it. So yeah, there’s no shortage on sexiness in this film.

There’s also some pretty sweet kills (almost all by axe) and though the end results are executed with not the best of CGI, they still look pretty damn fun and messy. Lots of digital blood trails fly around, bodies are split in half, faces chopped off, etc. It’s pretty heavy on the gore when it needs to be. So tits and blood and bloody tits definitely bump up the film’s replay value regardless of the plot. This is no surprise considering that the film was directed by Robert Kurtzman who helmed the original “Wishmaster” which was no stranger to violent deaths.

It’s also good seeing Tobin Bell doing something besides killing people in elaborate traps from a hospital bed and prattling on about morality. The acting is good, the cinematography is a bit above par, using very rich colors, the locations are effective (especially the main house in the film), and goddamn…those sorority girls.

So if you’re in the mood for a decent slasher flick (that feels a tad 80s throwback); I would suggest checking this one out. Though it’s the weakest of Dimension Extreme’s releases thus far, it’s still a quality film for anyone looking for a bloody romp of a good time. So call some friends over, grab a peace pipe, and have yourselves a pow-wow.

Andrew’s Hidden Message: What happened to the gold in the movie? They really never get back to that. I wanted to know if it was Curly’s or not!


~ by exploitnation on April 23, 2008.

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