Googlenation:Week of 4/21/08-4/27/08

“google me?”

Hey fuckos, here’s a new section that we present to you. Every Sunday we will recap that weeks top searches which brought the sick fucks looking for “monster cocks”, etc to our humble little site. Why? Just cause it’s funny. Here are the search results for the week of 4/21/08-4/27/08 in the first ever post in our Googlenation section. Enjoy all you one handed typists.

“monster cocks love’s asses of nurses & s…”
“prom night iii vhs”
“in the mouth of madness movie watch”
“scarecrow gone wild props”
“alex datcher”
“chesty anderson”
“wendy hamilton strip dallas connection”
“human heart tattoo”
“prom night 3 last kiss mary lou”
“my bloody valentine movie, 9 minutes uncut”
“scary stories to tell in the dark scarecrow”
“in the mouth of madness watch free”
“watch prom night 3 last kiss”
“sorority paddling”
“love, prom night, relationship”
“shae marks”
“full length of prom night”
“”scary stories to tell in the dark” scar””
“prom night iii”
“in the mouth of madness watch”
“prom night the last kiss dvd cover”
“prom night iv”
“remake de hell night”
“julie k smith dallas connection sex scene”
“popcorn trick movies”
“chesty anderson us navy dvd”
“return to the savage beach free watch”
“bloody deflower”
“carrie westcott”
“hell night remake”
“shari eubanks”
“phii khon pen”
“is there any kissing in the movie prom night”
“will cloverfield be a double dip”
“scary story scarecrow killer”
“haunting24 horror movie”
“emily blunt”
“shari eubanks”
“scary stories- harold the scarecrow”
“return to savage dvd sidaris”
“demons 2 movie free watch”
“watch poultrygeist online free”
“kristi ducati car wash”
“the mouth of madness”
“hell night remake”
“monique parent naked”


~ by exploitnation on April 27, 2008.

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