Creepshow 2

“Good to the last gasp.”

Legendary horror icons George Romero, Stephen King, and Tom Savini have teamed up again to bring us more of what we want: more Creepshow. This 1987 go round brings us three tales of the macabre instead of the five it’s predecessor offered. Is this second installment worth taking time off from your goal of beating the mirror in a staring contest? Well, read on and find out.

CS2 begins with a live action shot of the Creep (Tom Savini) delivering the latest issue of Creepshow from the back of a mail truck. Young Billy is at the newsstand anxiously awaiting the arrival of his favorite comic. Switch to an animated version of the Creep to introduce the first segment, “Old Chief Woodenhead.”

This is pretty much your standard revenge story about a shop owner who gets killed in a robbery, and the cigar store Indian that comes to life to avenge his death. It’s got some decent kills, but in the end it’s just dumb. Just when you start thinking this is going to be a sequel suck fest, comes our second story, “The Raft”.

This is my favorite of the three. “The Raft” is simple monster story about four teens trapped on a diving platform in the middle of a lake while a sludge-like monster circles the raft and picks them off one by one. This one starts out with the kids driving to the lake while smoking a little doobage, then once they arrive the guys start talking about how they’re gonna get laid. Think they’re all going to die horrible, sludge related deaths? Let me save you the suspense, yes. This one has a great ending as just when you think the last guy got away, baa-woosh! He’s sludge chow.

The last segment is about rich bitch Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles) who runs over a hitchhiker on the way home from her gigolo’s. She takes off and thinks she’s gotten away with it when here comes the battered hitchhiker limping up saying over and over again; “Thanks for the ride lady!” She speeds away again, but the hitchhiker keeps appearing at every turn. Mrs. Lansing decides to go on the offensive and repeatedly run over the hitchhiker, but he keeps coming back. Bloodier, and more disfigured each time, he keeps saying: “Thanks for the ride lady.” The beauty of this segment is you never know whether it’s all happening for real, or if the hitchhiker is a hallucination brought on by Mrs. Lansing’s guilt and remorse. Even in the end, when Mrs. Lansing appears to get strangled to death by what’s left of our hitchhiker in her garage, you’re never quite sure if it’s real or not.

In the end you have three tales of comeuppance, with an animated wrap around story about little Billy getting revenge on the bullies that torment him with a mail order Venus Fly-trap. Not the benchmark the original Creepshow was, but the second and third tales are well worth repeat viewings.

**This review is of the DVD edition of Creepshow 2. The cover art of the Creep sitting in a movie theater pointing at the screen is worth the $5.99 you’ll spend for this one.

**Creepshow 2 trivia: Originally this movie was to have five segments like the first Creepshow. The second story in the film “Tales From the Darkside: The Movie”, entitled “The Cat from Hell”, and another Stephen King short entitled “Pinfall” were to be included, but were eventually dropped when the production ran out of money. I’ve seen “Tales From the Darkside” and they definitely should have swapped “The Cat from Hell” for “Old Chief Woodendick.” That would have made the final score 3 for 3.

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One Response to “Creepshow 2”

  1. I recently watched the latest Anchor Bay DVD. My favorite segment is “The Raft”. It´s a cool premise, the oldfashioned effects makes me a bit nostalgic and the ending definitely rocks! It seems whenever I discuss this one with friends, everyone´s favorite is “The Hitchhiker”, but I think I´m gonna have to go with “The Raft”.
    I also watched the film with the commentary by director Michael Gornick and I have to say it was pretty entertaining to hear how the movie was conceived. Gornick´s a good talker and it kinda makes you appreciate the film more. I remember absolutely hating this film when I was a kid but I kinda like it now. The times they are a-changin´, I guess…

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