“Get ready to get wasted.” A group of friends hop a plane to “See Ireland and do shrooms.” When they arrive they meet up with their Irish friend Jake (Jack Huston), and head directly to the woods to go camping and trip balls. On the way to the campsite, they hit a deer with their van and run into a couple locals straight out of Deliverance who were hunting the animal for their dinner. Jake explains to the group that some of the locals have eaten way too many shrooms for way too long.

The group sets up camp and all go out into the woods to gather mushrooms. Tara (Lindsay Haun) decides to eat a shroom with a black spot on the cap. She has a seizure and starts seeing flashes of the future. Around the campfire that night Jake tells a ghost story about a near by abandoned children’s home and the evil monk who used to abuse and torture the children there. A pair of twin children dosed the monk with Death’s Head mushrooms and the monk ended up killing everyone in the home. Only one of the twins and a boy who was forced to live in the dog kennel escaped. See, these Death’s Head shrooms supposedly turn whoever eats them into a homicidal maniac, and also give them the ability to see the future. Legend has it that the evil monk still lurks in the woods, killing unsuspecting campers. Oh, and Death’s Head shrooms have black spots on the cap (like the one Tara ate).

The group’s plan is to make mushroom tea out of the ones they picked and trip out the next morning. Bluto, (Robert Hoffman) the dumb ass jock in the group, decides to chug some mushroom tea after his girlfriend won’t give it up. He wanders out into the woods, pukes all over himself, has a conversation with a cow, and gets murdered. The next morning the group realizes Bluto is missing, and none of them are very concerned except for Tara. She claims she had a vision that Bluto and everyone else were going to be killed.

Tara’s friends just think she’s fucked in the head and everybody drinks the mushroom tea. Everybody’s tripping out and the girls and guys get separated in the woods. This is where things get really fucking weird.

The creators of this flick do a great job of capturing the confusion of taking hallucinogenics. The camera is shaky and blurry at times and the movements of the hallucinated figures are all jerky like in “The Grudge” or “The Ring.” Tara sees a hooded figure pop out of a tree and the three girls all take off running. They get separated and Holly (Alice Greczyn) ends up in the cabin of the two locals from the beginning of the movie. She has a freaky encounter with these two, who appear to be on their own permanent trip. She freaks out, flees the cabin and gets chased down and iced by the Dogboy that survived the murders at the children’s home. Tara and Lisa (Maya Hazen) find Holly’s dead body in the marsh, but still aren’t sure if any of this is happening for real. They see Jake and Troy (Max Kasch) on the other side of a river and they plan to meet up at the abandoned children’s home. Lisa is now thinking Tara might be the one who killed Holly and heads off into the marsh alone. A hooded figure emerges from the marsh and kills Lisa. The remaining three meet at the home, run around freaking out awhile, Troy gets killed, and Jake jumps out a window breaking his leg. Tara and Jake try to run, but a freaky axe-wielding figure kills Jake when he stops to rest his leg. Tara wakes up to see a rescue helicopter hovering overhead.

**SPOILER** Now the obvious choice for a twist ending here would be that none of the murders and carnage actually happened and it was all a hallucination brought on by the shrooms. Not the case here. The writers decided to go the “High Tension” route. The Death’s Head mushrooms that Tara ingested in the beginning gave her clairvoyance and caused her to unknowingly murder all her friends. We learn all this in a quick flashback sequence that shows Tara murdering her friends with an axe. Tara is loaded into an ambulance which goes about 50 feet then comes to a stop. A bloodied Tara holding a pair of surgical scissors pops up in the back window, jumps out of the ambulance and takes off running into the woods. As she’s running through trees we see the hooded figure running parallel to her. The End.

Shit man, I loved this flick. “Shrooms” is an intense trip. It kept my attention from beginning to end. The cinematography really makes you feel like you’re on a bad trip with the characters. You see trails and intensified colors, and the whole movie gives a feeling of lost time. Without the drug element this would have been just another slasher, but having the characters all tripping allows the creators complete freedom to do what they want in a scene without it making much sense. Check this one out and stand on your head while holding your breath to simulate the shrooming effect.

**This review is of the DVD edition of “Shrooms.”

**Shrooms trivia: I know you want me to say the actors were really tripping on mushrooms during filming…..sorry.

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  1. The time I watched this movie, I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. There is woods on every side of the house. It my friends and I scared to death to go outside for days. We loved Shrooms.

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