Spring is in the air…

Ok motherfuckers. Ready for Spring? Fuck yeah.

So we hit the 1000 views mark (and are well on our way to 2000) since my last rant, so congratulations to us. As you can see we have added a few new sections since last month. Firstly, the Good News/Bad News section-which if you haven’t guessed by now, is our spin on what is considered “News” in the horror genre as of late. A lot of websites will get you hyped up with “Rah! Rah! They are remaking Hell Night!” Whereas we know the truth…a PG13 version of Hell Night is going to blow-and since no one is giving us screeners nor are we receiving any kind of financial contributions or kickbacks from ANY studios, we can tell you how it is. That is primarily WHY Andrew & I started Exploitnation in the first place. We don’t have to answer to anyone. We do what we want and say what we want. It’s sweet.

You’ll also notice that DeadMike has stopped restricting himself to reviewing ONLY laserdiscs-which is awesome. DeadMike is a valuable member of Exploitnation and the website traffic his articles are bringing is proof of that. All that said, all you laserdisc purists don’t worry, DeadMike still has a fuckload of laserdiscs just waiting to be reviewed-so hold tight.

Lastly, the newest addition to Exploitnation is a section you will receive every Sunday, we are going to post that weeks search results that lead you to our site. We have noticed since early on how many hits we get from people googling “Julie K Smith sex scenes” and “Watch Prom Night for free”, and while you wont find either of those things on our site we thought it would be funny to share with you the fact that some creep out there is searching for “monster cocks love’s asses of nurse” or “popcorn trick movies” and they find themselves on our site…plus it’s really fun to make fun of people-especially online, right?

So that’s pretty much it for this month’s rant and updates. Thanks for checking out the site, leaving comments, etc. If there is more of something you want to see let us know-suggestions are always welcome. That said, I have a request from you…If anyone can find me a version of the movie Screwballs that is longer than 80 minutes I will gladly give you anything you want for it.


Charlie Brown


~ by exploitnation on May 5, 2008.

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