Rush Week

Director/Actor/Writer Bob Bralver cut his teeth DIRECTING a slew of TV shit like Knight Rider, Hardcastle and McCormick, The A Team, STARING in a slew of TV shit like The Waltons and Kung Fu and even WROTE a slew of TV shit like Kojak and Emergency before directing the pitiful Rush Week. Oh Bob, please stop.

The film starts off looking very much like a made for TV melodrama set on a campus when the words every college kid can relate are screamed “Are you ready to party!?!?” Cut to a raging party at the Beta Delta Beta Frat House where the girls are topless, the dudes are pouring beer on each other and we are told that Rush Week will begin the next day-so all the idiots pledging to get into the overly homo-erotic fraternity will have to pull various pranks, degradation filled rituals & all around stupid shenanigans. During the raging party, a smoking hot co-ed named Julie (Kathleen Kinmont-the really hot girl from Halloween 4) is killed with the ceremonial axe belonging to BDB (while posing for topless photos-of course). The next day we meet our heroine; Toni Daniels (Pamela Ludwig) who is writing an article for her journalism class all about what happens during the historical Rush Week and while researching, she stumbles across the fact that Julie had gone missing the night before. Enter a bunch of the usual suspects: the creepy Dean Grail (Roy Thinnes), the head of BDB Jeff (Dean Hamilton), the leader of the Gamma Alpha Epsilon frat (sworn campus enemies of BDB) Harvan (Todd Eric Andrews-the dude from Zapped Again!) or the drugged out academic advisor “Cosmo” played by Greg Allman-yeah, THAT Greg Allman. Are you fucking kidding me?

Anyway, more hot naked girls get killed, more lame pranks are pulled by Beta Delta Beta, more shitty detective work is done by Toni and 96 minutes never seemed so long before as it did watching this Horror/T & A/Romantic comedy hybrid shit fest.

Rush Week…oh how good you could have been. I will describe the movie as this…Screwballs meets Animal House meets Prom Night. Sounds awesome right? Strangely it’s not. It’s almost unwatchable. If it’s supposed to be a comedy then why is it so NOT funny? If it’s supposed to be a horror movie then why is it so NOT scary? Not even the ample amount of nudity could save this film.

While the cinematography makes Rush Week look like a pretty slick film for 1989 no one can deny that this had to be made on a shoe string budget-and sadly it shows…all the killings happen off screen and the greatest “special effects” (or ANY effects for that matter) are just silicone filled breasts…and I am the last person who would complain about silicone filled breasts.

Charlie “I wanna see some pink” Brown

The Dead Milkmen.  RIP Dave Blood.

Ps. I DID laugh once…during a dance scene a group of frat boys are cutting a rug to “You’ll dance to anything” by The Dead Milkmen…how’s that for funny?


~ by exploitnation on May 6, 2008.

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