April Fool’s Day (2008)

I probably should’ve reviewed this for April Fool’s Day last month, but I’m fucking lazy as shit. Oh well. So when I heard there was going to be an “April Fool’s Day” remake, I wanted to choke on my own dick. Then a ton of relief washed over me when I first heard that 1.) it was direct to video, and 2.) it wasn’t a remake or even a re-imagining at all. Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores (known to most as “The Butcher Brothers”) simply took the title of the 80s slasher classic, stuck it on a film (probably for better marketing) and did their own thing. Thank god. For this reason, I actually enjoyed the film. I didn’t try to better a classic and I didn’t have to watch it thinking “the original was better” the entire time. Though it’ll never hold a candle to the original “April Fool’s Day” or even be a classic in the genre, it’s still quite an entertaining little flick.

The film centers on a bunch of rich and insanely attractive friends, particularly brother and sister Desiree and Blaine. These two, especially Desiree, have a nasty habit of playing cruel and overly elaborate pranks on their friends for April Fool’s Day. Jealous of her female rival Milan, Desiree sets up a nasty prank to catch Milan having sex with Blaine. Unfortunately the prank goes horribly wrong when Milan falls over a balcony and crashes into a giant glass table. Uh…April Fool’s!! Cut to a year later and the group of friends involved in the joke are told to meet at Milan’s grave. They’re delivered a package containing a letter for each of them all signed by Milan. Soon enough, everyone is meeting a gruesome death, meaning that either Milan is the BEST prankster of ever, Desiree is up to her old tricks again, or someone else is after all of them.

If you’ve seen the original film, you can still follow the framework with this one. Though they’re not the same at all, bits and pieces and twists still apply, naturally. However, the twist ending to this film is actually pretty fucking brilliant. It even surprised ME.

If you’ve seen The Butcher Brother’s previous film “The Hamiltons”, which was part of the original After Dark Horrorfest, you’ll be pleased to know that this film has an obviously larger budget. It’s shot quite well, the quality is crisp, and the locations are rich, pun intended. Scout Taylor-Compton (“Halloween” remake) has a decent role in this film as the not-so-wealthy friend trying to make it into the debutante world and Samuel Child makes another appearance in a Butcher Brothers film as a clueless bastard and actually does a great job. (I wasn’t a fan of his performance in “The Hamiltons”).

There really isn’t much to say about this film because the plot is pretty basic, but all in all, it’s a decent popcorn flick if you’re bored on a Saturday night. Good acting, good gore, hot chicks, hot dudes, and a great twist make this movie worth the view. But believe me when I tell you there’s no Muffy in it.

Andrew’s Hidden Message: I want to fuck everyone in this movie. Just sayin’.


~ by exploitnation on May 8, 2008.

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