Halloween II

Hallween II is one of the best and most underrated sequels. The flick was directed by Rick Rosenthal, who is the only director in the Halloween franchise to direct more than one Halloween movie; he also directed Halloween Resurection (2002).

Halloween II uses the same tactics as the original, I think that can be attributed to the fact John Carpenter and Debra Hill wrote the movie; which means the movie is scary and well done. However, when you watch Halloween II, it just does not have the same brilliance and passion as the first. In terms of being a good slasher flick, it is up there and it delivers. It is far better than most slasher movies, even from today’s standards. But if you’re a fan of the original Halloween you know what I mean, when I say it is missing that same fire as the first movie. Of course the biggest twist of the film is that we learn that Michael is Laurie’s older brother.

The first movie is all action and has no answers. We do not know why Michael is inflicting mayhem on the town of Haddonfield. Halloween II provides the answers and gives a look at the aftermath of the turmoil inflicted to the town of Haddonfield.

Halloween II starts off right where the original Halloween is ending. It is still Halloween, 1978, and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee) is rushed off to Haddonfield Hospital to treat her wounds that she afflicted when she first met Michael. Even though Michael was shot six times at the end of the first film, Laurie still believes Michael is after her. I appreciate the realistic twist the filmmakers are attempting to add on the slasher flick by showing the aftermath of a slaughter and the recovery period. It is an angle not often examined.

Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) and Sheriff Brackett (Charles Cyphers) are on a search for Michael. The town still seems to be in denial about the abilities Michael possess. Michael is on his way to find Laurie and he will do whatever he has to, to get to her. He makes his way to the Haddonfield hospital, where she is sleeping and being treated for her injuries. There is something quite eerie about a hospital at night. The sterile environment where the hallways are empty and rooms filled with drug induced, confused patients, is perfect for a slasher movie.

In the spirit of a “teen” slasher movie of course there is nudity, sex, alcohol and other various forms of debauchery. And like the first Halloween, naked girls find end by Michael’s hands. Halloween II offers more gore and many memorable kills. The hot tub scene, where Karen Bailey (Pamela Susan Shoop) and Budd (Leo Rossi) are becoming intimate while on duty at the hospital and Michael sneaks up behind them is eerie and unforgettable. Michael drowns Karen in the scalding water of the hot tub. Michael uses more creativity in his methods of killing including syringes, scalpels and blood letting.

After killing almost the entire night-staff at Haddonfield hospital Michael finds Laurie, but she has escaped just in time and scrambles across the hospital in search of help only to fall across the path of Michael’s destruction.

Dr. Loomis with his obsession with the psychopath arrives just in time to save Laurie and sacrifices himself by creating a fiery explosion that is meant to kill Michael. It is implied that Michael is put into a coma after the explosion and he dies. Of course this is nowhere near the end of the series. Michael is pure evil and nothing can kill him.

The series continues its success in the 80s when the gore of slashers films were at their peak and everyone and their dog were filming horror movies. But Halloween I and II definitely take the cake at being the prom king and queen of the horror flicks of the 1980s.




~ by exploitnation on May 18, 2008.

10 Responses to “Halloween II”

  1. This one definitely ranks as one of the best sequels in the genre. It´s right up there with “Blade II”, if you ask me.

  2. What about critters 2? I think that movie is amazing. Charlie

  3. Well my personal horror favs are:

    Friday the 13th – Part 2
    Evil Dead 2
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    Creepshow: 2

    On the non-horror front – seriously hands down the Godfather 2 is the best sequel.

  4. Don´t forget “The texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”! Not only one of the best sequels ever made, but one of the greatest films, period! The insanity of that film has to be admired…

  5. oooooOOoh touche – Chainsaw 2 rocks.

  6. It does indeed rock! It makes me wish that Tobe Hooper would direct another one in that franchise…
    Is “the Devil´s Rejects” considered to be a sequel? If so, that one takes the prize for greatest sequel ever…

  7. i always appreciated Halloween II solely for the scene when Michael headbutts his way into the hospital through the glass door.

    you can’t get more fucking crucial than that.

    Other Excellent Sequels (in my humble opinion):

    Puppet Master II (and III)
    Hellraiser II (my favorite of the series. so fucking surreal.)
    CHUD II: Bud the Chud
    Night of the Demons 2
    Friday the 13th Part 2 (fuck it, i dug the elephant man getup).

    man, back in the day when i was like…fucking 15 or so, i used to talk to Stephen Chiodo via e-mail. We discussed the Killer Klowns sequel and he said they were actually going to a pitch meeting that day with the studio. Guess it never came through 😦

    *cries you a river*


  8. Devils Rejects is completely a sequel – but I never think of it like that, it’s an entity of it’s own, a living breathing creature!

    Also – again not Horror – but Kill Bill 2 – I definately like more than KB1

  9. YES! The hospital headbutt! I thought I was the only one who ever thought it looked like Michael was always walking head first.


  10. oh dude, he so fucking went head first into that door. it’s like an ultimate “shit your pants” fear tactic. he may be slow. he may be a bit clumsy when it comes to defense, but i think he gained the respect and fear of Loomis and Strode when he took that door on headfirst. if you listen closely in the movie, you can hear the door say “OH SHIT, I JUST GOT OWNED!”

    also Charlie…..i MAY……MAYMAYMAY be moving to Chicago within this year. if so i’ll be closer to you AND closer to Wisconsin whenever you come on in.

    plus i’ll be around conventions/festivals galore.

    we should make out sometime.

    wait. i mean…hang out sometime.

    and then make out.


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