Halloween III

Instead of giving you a review of “Halloween part whatever: Michael in Space” I am going to top you off with a dose of the most controversial in the series, the Michael Meyers-less; Halloween 3:Season of the Witch. So, grab your popcorn, your girlfriend, or paid for “lady of the night” and sit on Charlie Brown’s couch, we’re going to celebrate Halloween Silver Shamrock style.

If you don’t know anything about Halloween 3:Season of the Witch and you consider yourself a fan of franchise slasher films then seriously, what the fuck? That said, (and for those small handful of you that don’t already know) H3 is the ONLY movie in the Halloween series that doesn’t have our favorite Bill Shatner Boogeyman running amok chasing after some Strode. No, H3 is very different…so here’s the lowdown….

It’s late October and every fucking kid in America is obsessed with a brand of Halloween mask being mass-produced by a gloomy corporation called “Silver Shamrock”, who are led by an eerie CEO named Cochran (Dan O’Herlihy). When a frazzled old man (Al Berry) comes into the hospital clutching a Silver Shamrock mask and spouting sentences like “They are going to kill us all” and then is killed (in his hospital bed!) by ANOTHER man (who douses himself in gasoline and blows himself up!) the attending Doctor; Dan (The AMAZING Tom Atkins) realize something is wrong with the scenario. Enter the FINE daughter of the mystery man clutching the mask Ellie (Stacey Nelkin) who goes to Dr. Dan looking for guidance (at a bar…) to see if Dan knows anything about why Daddy was killed. What we find out is Daddy owns a Halloween store and he was last seen picking up a new shipment from Silver Shamrock…that is before he wound up dead in a hospital bed…Suddenly, Dr. Dan realizes he could probably score with Ellie if he helps her locate just what the fuck happened to her dad-so he calls his ex-wife (Nancy Loomis from the original Halloween in a cool cameo) and ditches his responsibility to watch his kids over Halloween so he can go play house with Ellie in Nowhereland, California and “inspect” the sleepy little town where the masks are made, and the factory itself.

What happens next is pure fucking zaniness. I am not going to spoil a thing, but I guarantee you couldn’t guess what “twists” are, or how the story all comes together. It’s wacky, it’s cheesy, Stonehenge is involved and Tom Atkins is always drunk.

Written and directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, and produced by many (if not all) of the same crew from the original Halloween (Carpenter, Hill, Akkad, Yablans…) Halloween 3:Season of the Witch is a COMPLETLEY different Halloween movie…It’s more sci-fi than slasher, but it’s fucking great. Now, fans of the series typically either love or hate this movie, as you can tell I am a fan. In fact I stand so bold to say that if this movie weren’t called “Halloween 3” horror fans around the world would LOVE this fucking movie…It’s gory, it’s got a creepy score that plays like an electronic version of the original Halloween score (except for this really annoying 2 more days to Halloween song that once you hear you will NEVER get out of your head) and really, for as cheesy as the story is, it’s really fucking original.

Apparently, John Carpenter planned on making a new Halloween movie every year, with a different theme, but after H3 was so poorly received producers decided to resurrect Michael Meyers for Part 4 and Carpenter disowned the franchise…Bummer…cause as much as I love the sequels that followed I would have welcomed more “one off” Halloween stories…

…IF they were as good as H3: Season of the Witch.

Charlie “I think these clothes could hold out for one more day” Brown


~ by exploitnation on May 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Halloween III”

  1. I can’t help it, I just cannot get into this movie EVER. I have tried time and time again to watch this movie and enjoy it, but I can’t!

    The only redeeming quality to the flick is that it has a unique plot unlike the other MM movie’s. I see the connection to the rest of the movies. I mean true Halloween fans can see how H2 ended and why H3 is still apart of the series.


  2. I gotta take side with Mr. Brown on this one. I´ve always also been of the opinion that if this movie wasn´t part of the “Halloween”-franchise, it´d be a classic in the genre today. I think it´s a really cool story. You gotta love something this bizarre! And as we all know, Tom Atkins is so unbelievably bad-ass that sometimes he walks among us, like an ordinary man, and stars in movies. Tom Atkins for president!

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