The good news? Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, The Wasp Woman, The Bare Wench Project, The Breastford Wives and so many more!!!) is set to direct a new Cloverfield spoof called Cleavagefield.

Wynorski states:

“A bunch of hot chicks are having a slumber party for their friend Tiffany, who’s off to Sweden to make a high end Triple X movie. The festivities are in high gear; but then a giant monster inexplicably invades Los Angeles. One girl videos everything as the babes make a run for it through the city. But there are more things to beware of beside the monster. According to some naked hotties seen in an alley way, the monster is covered with moth-mites that drop off its slimy body then attack unwary female victims, chewing off their clothes. It’s a harrowing night for all involved.”

The bad news? I really don’t think there is any…I mean, this sounds fucking amazing.

Damn, Jim Wynorski is cool.

Check out his myspace page here.



~ by exploitnation on May 21, 2008.

8 Responses to “Cleavagefield?”

  1. YES
    …oh yes!

    Will the monster shoot vrazy spider things out of her tatas? Oh man!

  2. *crazy

  3. A movie called “Cleavagefield” starring Taylor Wayne? Count me in.

  4. The taylor shot was from the breastford wives…

  5. I thank you for it anyhow:) Didn´t the Nobodys do a song called “Why can´t all girls be like Taylor Wayne?” a couple of years back?

  6. I don’t know but I know she was on the cover of one of their records…


  7. Thanks for the nice words, everybody. Taylor Wane is NOT in CLEAVAGEFIELD, however. It stars(among others) Amy Reid, Rebecca Love, Brandy Schaffer, Lucia Reyes and Julie K. Smith. Filming is complete and I’m now coming down the finish line on post. I think everyone will enjoy it – even the makers of CLOVERFIELD.

  8. […] Cleavagefield update from the makers! As you know, we posted a couple weeks back about an upcoming epic called “Cleavagefield”… […]

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