Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Halloween 5 is way more over the top than any of the other Halloween movies, up until this point. There is more gore, death, unnecessary nudity and teenage fornication. The death scenes are more intense and memorable. However, is it scary? – no. After four Michael Myers movies, Michael is just not as scary anymore. We have seen pretty much all there is to see with Michael and know what to expect. That being said, I enjoyed Halloween 5 a lot more than Halloween 4. There were a few genuine intense moments towards the end of the film, but nothing edge of you seat scary. The movie was worth it alone to see twelve year old Danielle Harris play Jamie Lloyd again.

Michael escapes the shooting at the end of Halloween 4 and spends a year recuperating with an old hermit in the woods. After his year in the woods he makes his way back to Haddonfield to finish off his niece, Jamie. Meanwhile Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) has spent her year in a Children’s hospital recovering from her mental and emotional pains from her first meeting with her Uncle Michael. The town knows what Jamie is capable of, even though she is not her Uncle. She attacked her step mother at the end of Halloween 4, and the town thinks she will strike again. However, Jamie was beginning to develop the telepathic bond with Michael at the end of the previous movie and it fully develops over the course of a year at her stay in the hospital.

The scenes where Jamie is having an attack and connecting with her Uncle are very well delivered by Danielle Harris. She really sells the terror. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is back again, of all the movies Donald Plesacence plays Dr. Loomis, I think Halloween 5 is the least well delivered. His acting is way over the top, even for a Halloween movie. I find the confrontations between Dr. Loomis and Michael almost comical. Dr. Loomis uses Jamie as bait to lure Michael back and to trap him once and for good. They return to old Myers house and set Jamie in Judith’s old bedroom. I appreciated the homage to the first Halloween movie, going back to the old house and having Jamie Lloyd brush her hair just like Judith was in the first movie.

Of all the characters in the film I least liked Billy Hill (Jeffrey Landman), Jamie’s young stuttery boy friend who is the only one who understands her, as she is mute. The two are friends end up being chased in the woods by Michael Myers driving a sporty little convertible, but it just seems a bit theatrical. Danielle Harris is amazing, but I think the scene would have been scarier if it had just been her. I think his character is unnecessary and overdramatic for no reason. I just do not see the point to having his character in the film, he is just filler.

Michael’s kill techniques have been upped a notch in Halloween 5. The Halloween party out at the barn has the makings for a great kill sequence. It is like shooting ducks in a barrel for Michael. The death series of the blonde ditzy couple Spitz (Matthew Walker) and Samantha (Tamara Glynn) who are having sex in the hay in the barn is wicked! The safe sex promotion, when Spitz pulls a condom out to show Samantha he’s safe, makes me laugh every time. It is the last time he has sex and he still uses a condom! GEez – poor guy. Of course this goes along with the Halloween theme that teenagers that get down and dirty and do the deed before marriage always end up getting filleted at the hand of Michael. Whoever said that horror movies don’t teach upstanding morals? Spitz ends up being impaled in his mid-section with a pitch fork. He endures one of the best kill scenes ever! His girlfriend Samantha ends up being sliced and diced with a sickle like she is a bale of hay.

The death of the pompous Mikey, boyfriend of Tina, was gruesome and just plain awesome. Michael stabs Mikey in the face with a garden claw. Does Michael have a current obsession with garden equipment? Or is he just morose about the fact he does not have a day time job and a normal family life?

I was disappointed they killed Rachael (Ellie Cornell) off so soon. We got to see her sweet side in Halloween 4 and then we get teased a bit with her in the shower scene and then she is knocked off so suddenly. I understand why they killed her off, other than the fact she did not want to renew her contact with Halloween 5, but because Rachael’s death is unexpected. It is kind of like the death of Drew Berrymore in Scream, you just do not expect a leading lady to be knocked out of the picture so soon. The big sister feel of Rachael was replaced with Tina, Rachael’s best friend played by Wendy Kaplan. I just was not impressed with her. She was mediocre at best.

The end sequence of Halloween 5 was neat. There is a face off between Jamie Lloyd and Michael. Jamie ends up getting cornered in the attic of the Myers’ house. The house they use for the ‘Myers’ house is clearly not the original house from the first movie. While, normally continuity does NOT overly bother me, they did not even try to make this house look anything like the original, and I barely realized it was supposed to be the Myers’ house.

When Jamie realizes she cannot overtake Michael or escape him, she does the only thing she can and says “Uncle” to try to relate to his human side. Michael unveils his masks and shows his face. Halloween 5 producers state that this is the first time we see Michael’s face, which is NOT true. We see his face in the original Halloween. But this is the first time that Michael takes his mask off himself. We see Michael shed a tear for a moment, which gives Jamie a chance to escape.

By the end of the film, Jamie realizes that even after Michael has been caught and sent to a maximum security prison he has escaped. Of course there are a bunch of build ups for Halloween 6 – The Curse of Michael Myers.

Halloween 5 was the least well received of all the Halloween movies. I believe it has a lot do with the fact that the film was rushed into production quite quickly after Halloween 4 was released and less time was spent on the development of a good script. There was a lot of indifferences in the plot with Donald Plesance and producer Mustafa Akkad with the director. The two felt that Jamie should have killed her stepmother and become completely evil, however the director won out and the version we see is where Jamie becomes possessed with Michael’s sadism and she is able to overturn it. I think it would have been an interesting twist to the series, who knows how it would have gone if they went that route. I do believe if they had spent longer working out the kinks that Halloween 5 would have been a greater success. They should have spent less time working on the title sequence, with the pumpkin being sliced and more time working out the continuity problems. While, the title sequence was cool, I would have preferred some more editing in other areas. If you are a Halloween fan, this is a must ad to your collection, I did enjoy it but it is not the best.

Danielle Harris again…just because.



~ by exploitnation on May 22, 2008.

9 Responses to “Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers”

  1. this movie actually had a creepy moment that i still love. after michael is chasing them in the car and he hits the tree.


    fucking classic, yo.


  2. okay, it looks like the previous post stretched my comment oddly.

    after the HONKKK it should say *stops honking*

  3. Man people are going to start thinking I’m gay for Danielle Harris, but man alive is she a fox!

  4. OH MY – the honking is so eerie! Car horns in geneal are creepy…

    I always piss myself laughing at the scene with Michael wearing the Regan mask. So funny!

  5. After reading your posts on all the “Halloween”-installments, I realize that I´m gonna have to re-watch them. It´s been quite a while since I saw any of them and now you´ve unleashed the beast…
    I also think that they wasted Ellie Cornell in this one. She didn´t get the career she deserved after that.
    Oh, and it´s alright with you being gay for Danielle Harris. We all are. Her name is tattooed on my heart.
    Looking forward to see your take on “The curse of Michael Myers”…

  6. again to any new writers to ExploitNation, email me at radio5982@gmail.com so i can have your emails for when charlie brown and i go over random shit for the site and the upcoming site as well.

    thanks yousssss.

    andrewsus maximus.

  7. Danille’s Harris’ name is tattooed somewhere a lil more risky and erotic on me than my heart!!

  8. And I’m glad I was able to kindle the newfound love for Halloween. I swoon for the movies on a regular basis. I think it is clear to say, Halloween is my favourite horror series.

  9. “Halloween” is definitely one of my favourite series, as well, but I think I gotta go with “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” as my favorite. Gotta love those rednecks, man…

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