The Epidemic – Quarantine Days

After much anticipation, The Epidemic dropped their album “Quarantine Days” at the end of 2007. They’re a relatively small horrorpunk band from Ohio, but their popularity has nothing to do with musical quality, as these guys kick all sorts of ass. You want tales of murder with great harmonies and whoa-ohs that would make Danzig be like “God dayumn”? Look no further.

This album really goes all over the place, but in a good way. The band is able to go from fast, almost metal-sounding songs straight down to 50s doo wop-style material at the snap of a finger, sometimes blending the two extremes in one song. A good example of this is the fourth track, “Drop Dead Gorgeous.” It starts off sounding like an awesome Dion and the Belmonts song, then rounds out into a pretty heavy, speedy, demented love tale.

Oldies influence permeates this album, which is a great thing. A lot of horrorpunk bands nowadays have somewhat lost the connection over the years. Thankfully The Epidemic keep it going with the crooning of the 50s while underneath the hood being about some deranged shit. How can you not appreciate that? The music sounds nice and cheery at times, but is anything but, showcased well in the twelfth track, “Murder at the Drive-In.” This song really exemplifies the genre, and the contrast is to die for.

The whole album is great, but two notable songs in particular are “Blood on the Record Player” and “B-Movie Baby.” These two songs alone were responsible for me nearly stalking their MySpace looking for news of an album release or something that’d feed my craving for more. The first song is a pretty chilling one which evokes thoughts of a psychotic serial killer, due to its lyrics. “Our song has just come on; I could dance with your body ’til dawn; Too bad you can’t enjoy this too.” The second song, “B-Movie Baby,” is standard fare for the genre, until the end comes in and changes shit radically. At that point, the song goes a bit more vocal repeating the chorus, then ends with an awesome, slow mass-harmony by everyone, topped off by a Beach Boys-esque “whoo-ooo-ooo” that closes the song out. Amazing, and really showcases the lead singer Nate’s vocals.

Some guys in this band are friends with another horrorpunk band, Blitzkid, and it’s evident at times, like the slow, spoken bit at the end of “Broken Bride.” While it’s somewhat cool to slow the music down and tell almost a narrative elaborating on what was mentioned in the song, it’s actually kind of a low point. The album is relentlessly awesome, but randomly near the middle it all but stops for some spoken word. Hardly a deal breaker, but I could do without it.

In the end, this is a great album for anyone who’s already a fan of the genre, or someone looking to get into it (after buying The Misfits’ coffin box set, obviously). It’s amazingly catchy, oftentimes startling due to the violence portrayed in the songs, and always fun – a great horrorpunk record. Check them out on their MySpace, or their official page at their label’s site.

Leisure Suit Larry


~ by exploitnation on May 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Epidemic – Quarantine Days”

  1. Holy shit these guys are awesome.

  2. I agree. My favorite tracks are definitely “Blood on the record player” and “B-movie baby”. Amazing songs. Looking forward to seeing what these guys will come up with in the future.

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