Grave Robber – Be Afraid

During my MySpace Music travels, I stumbled upon Grave Robber, a pretty small, four-piece horrorpunk band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Much like the band I reviewed previously, The Epidemic, I was hooked instantly after listening to a few songs. The vocals are great and somewhat deep, there’s great harmonies, and the music’s just real catchy in general. Soon after discovering them, I found myself buying their 2008 full length, Be Afraid. After listening multiple times, I can say confidently that this is one of my favorite albums of the genre.

The album kicks off with “Skeletons,” after the intro bit “The Exorcist,” and with this song you have a fairly good idea of where things will go – to Awesomeville. It’s apparent that the lead singer, known as Wretched, really has some pipes on him. This cat can sing for sure. All things considered, this track isn’t one of the best, but it’s a good introductory one.

Next we come upon the song “Burn, Witch Burn,” which is more representative of what the rest of the album will hold. This song features the big choruses that we all know and love in the horrorpunk genre, with great little harmonies going on. These guys really don’t skimp on the catchy parts of their songs, which is a great thing. Unlike some bands where the “best part” is at one exact location, nearly all of Grave Robber’s songs are the “best part.” Nearly every song is catchy straight through, and this is something that lasts throughout the whole disc.

Other notable songs include “Schizofiend” and “I Wanna Kill You Over and Over Again,” though choosing just a couple songs off of Be Afraid is difficult, as there really isn’t a single bad one, or even a simply average one – I can honestly say I was a fan of every song on the album.

“Schizofiend” is a favorite due to its great vocal work and overall catchiness. I’ll find myself playing this song over and over again without even thinking about it; I’ll just naturally start the song over at the end because I don’t want it to end. Thankfully, Grave Robber listened to Christopher Walken’s cries for “more cowbell” on this track.

“I Wanna Kill You Over and Over Again” really slows things down, where a bit of an oldies influence is more apparent than anywhere else on the album. The main attraction of the song for me is the chorus, which is really just the song title sung a couple times, but the band manage to make it really pleasant to listen to, so much so that it can be called a highlight of Be Afraid. The music may be somewhat simplistic, but you really can’t deny that it’s catchy and fun.

And that kind of sums up Grave Robber in my view – they’re more alligned with the tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top bands in horrorpunk that just have fun with it without taking it all real seriously. Their silliness is apparent from some of the almost parody-like songs of theirs, the nearly GWAR-like costumes and band history, the out-there song material, et al. The music is fun and actually really good, with big choruses and harmonies abound. I hope Grave Robber continue to rise from here, and that more bands take note – bands like these are what makes horrorpunk what it is, and proves that it’s here to stay.

Check out Grave Robber on their MySpace, and get this album. You won’t be disappointed.

Leisure Suit Larry


~ by exploitnation on May 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Grave Robber – Be Afraid”

  1. I bought this album a couple of months ago and I gotta tell ya, it´s been in my cd player ever since. This one along with American Werewolves latest are my favorite albums in the horrorpunk genre so far this year. I got the first pressing of “Be Afraid” and I think I liked that cover more. It was more cartoonish and I thought that suited them better. I´m really looking forward to hearing what they will come up with in the future.
    Hey Larry, I´d love for you to take a listen to our debut album. If you´re interested I can e-mail you the songs. Just give me and adress and I´ll send them over. My e-mail is Stay ghoul!

  2. Wow! I just found this review. I’m very flattered. Glad you like it. We are recording a new one May 11th and it should be out by the first week of July. It’s gonna be called, “Inner Sanctum”. I hope you like it as well as “Be Afraid”.


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