Zombie Strippers!

With a name like “Zombie Strippers!” what do you expect? The movie is as predictable as “Snakes on a Plane”, it has snakes, planes and Samuel L. Jackson angry on a plane and it delivers exactly what the title says. The acting in “Zombie Strippers!” is almost as bad as the script. The cinematography is terrible and I think for the first time Uwe Boll can give a hand on filmmaking. The movie is stupid, in fact – it is one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen, but I was expecting it to be, so I did not have a lot of expectations for the flick. But “Zombie Strippers!” embraces cliché jokes like in “Scary Movie,” but adds an X-rated twist. It is an entertaining B-rate horror-comedy flick, with clever dialogue, intense gore and over abundance of nudity.

The movie it is clearly a political and social commentary of writer, director Jay Lee. “Zombie Strippers!” begins in the not so distance future with Bush being elected into his fourth consecutive term as president. War is ramped and the US has declared war on every country in the Middle East, Canada, and the independent nation of Alaska. The problem at hand is the US is running out of people to serve in the army, so scientists have devised a solution which is to reanimate dead soldiers and use them to fight for them again. While this may seem like an interesting and prospective solution, predictably these undead creatures become zombies. The special unit force titled “Z squad” has been brought in to get rid of the zombies and unfortunately one of the soldiers becomes infected and escapes the group only to end up in an underground strip club, owned by sleezy owner Ian (Robert Englund.)

Kat (Jenna Jameson) is the lead stripper at the club and becomes bitten by the escaped solider. As a zombie she returns to the stage to continue to strip and only gets better; the men respond only now to the stripping of zombies. After popular request by the crowd, more of the girls turn over to the dead side to develop the uninhibited talent of a zombie stripper. The longer the strippers are zombies the more their bodies deteriorate and look like corpses and I myself, began to feel a bit sadistic as I am looking at naked zombie women dance around. Necrophilia? Okay – ultimately it is a comedy and you just can’t take it too seriously.

Political statement aside the film offers a decent plot, for what it is trying to produce. It is simplicity at its best. The movie is easily eighty percent, if not more, just of stripping. But with a title like “Zombie Strippers!”, if there was not an abundance of T&A I would be disappointed and feel slightly teased. The amount of nudity would boarder line on vulgar if the movie was not so funny. The amount of scenes with vagina, tits and ass being shoved in your face outnumber the ones with clothes. But hey – they go all the way, why half ass it. “Zombie Strippers!” makes no apologizes for being a dark comedy horror flick, it is uninhibited.

Jenna Jameson attempts to make a go at a legitimate acting career in films that are not in the back area of the video store that say “adult’s only.” SO – what does Jenna do, she stars in a film that has her with her clothes off for almost the entire film and you watch her rubbing herself off on a stripper pole. However – this newfound attempt to legitimize her career in mainstream Hollywood almost seems like a laugh at stripping industry and is actually quite funny. “Zombie Strippers!” seems to make a joke at the whole profession. Really it is worth it alone to watch the movie to see Jenna Jameson reading Nietzsche.

These are my own two cents on the stripping profession; I do not think that nudity and stripping makes women subordinate and objectified. These women are making a choice to make shit load of money off of men who are silly enough to toss away their hard earned money to look at boobs. Women may be viewed as objectified and pieces of meat, but what is entertaining is that these strippers in the film end up treating the men like pieces of meat by devouring them and treating them as nameless, faceless cattle. So – from a feministic approach to the film, I see the film as depicting women as domineering, powerful, independent women who do not need men for anything except a quick easy buck and a taste of blood. As more and more of the strippers become zombies, the way the women are exploited normally as hot-beautiful curvy voluptuous women the gore and gratuitous violence increases.

My final thoughts – It is “Night of the Living Dead” meets “Showgirls.” It is campy, sexy and gory and I love “Zombie Strippers!” Take that Stripperella.




~ by exploitnation on June 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Zombie Strippers!”

  1. It was weird to see Robert Englund play something other than Freddie! Especially because his character was a germ-a-phob

  2. Haven´t seen this one. Saw the trailer and concluded afterwards that this has to be the movie of the year. “They´re zombies! No, they´re strippers! They´re Zombie Strippers!”. With dialogue like that, it cannot be nothing but a full blown masterpiece. I´m really looking forward to it. Does anyone know if it has a DVD release date yet?

  3. imdb states this:

    USA (April 18th/2008) – dvd limited release
    Germany (June 26/2008)
    Australia (August 14/2008)
    UK (September 19/2008)

    So from the sounds of it – depending on where you are it is currently released or not. Amazon says it is unreleased, and you can buy is on ebay for roughly 7.13 EURs ($11.00 CAD)

  4. errr thanks – i did not mean to make smiley faces it is two-thousand and eight.

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