Pet Sematary II

If anyone ever badmouths “Pet Sematary 2” as a “Stephen King Sequel Curse,” you have my permission to sucker punch them in the throat. I first heard about “Pet Sematary 2” back in ‘92 when I saw an advertisement for it on the back of a comic book. It featured an eerie picture of Edward Furlong holding a shovel and some fat kid next to him. That was enough to seal the deal for me, being at the time I was both a huge fan of Edward Furlong and fat kids. A year prior, I had seen the first “Pet Sematary” during Hurricane Andrew (no relation). The power was out in our city, but my friend’s parents had a generator which allowed me to view this classic film for the first time. It scared the living shit out me, namely because of the scenes involving Zelda, the jaundiced and spine-twisted sister. I couldn’t watch that movie again until I was probably 16. I eagerly had my parents bring me to Video Center to rent it and sure enough it was there. I popped that VHS in my room and probably watched it 10 times before I returned. Watching it to this day, it still makes my dick hard.

The film centers on Jeff Matthews (Furlong) who while visiting his actress mother Renee Hallow on a Hollywood set, witnesses her accidental and shocking (literally) death. Wanting to take his son away from LA, Chase Matthews (E.R.’s nerdy Anthony Edwards) brings Jeff to the family’s summer home in Ludlow, Maine. This location is convenient, of course, for two reasons. One, it’s where the original film took place, and two, Chase is a veterinarian. Go figure, right?

Jeff doesn’t fit in well at all in Ludlow, where he’s constantly harassed by school bully, Clyde (played by that annoying neighbor punk from “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”) and feels like the new housekeeper is trying to take his mother’s place. Thankfully, he meets fellow outsider Drew Gilbert (aforementioned fat kid) who is unhappy with his life in Ludlow, particularly because of his cruel and abusive stepfather, Gus, who also happens to be the town’s sheriff. After Gus shoots Drew’s dog, Zowie, he and Jeff bury him in the pet sematary. Sure enough, Zowie comes back mean as hell and attacks Gus by ripping his throat out. In order to cover it up, they bury Gus in the… guessed it…pet sematary. Soon everyone is dropping dead and coming back to life and Jeff needs to decide whether or not it’d be a good idea to bring his mother back to life. I think we all know the answer.

Unlike the first film, “Pet Sematary 2” implements some morbid humor throughout, namely from Gus. Most of you will remember his classic quip, “No brain. No Pain. Think about it,” while he attempts to drive a drill into someone’s head. There is no connection between the stories of the first film and the second, although this one goes on to explain some unanswered questions about the Creed family.

When it comes to gore, this film definitely doesn’t hold back. In the first movie, the violence was just terrifying and sick, but here it takes a more slasher film approach, but still delivers chunks of meaty goodness. It’ll also teach you to fear electricity, dogs, sexy dreams, stepfathers, motorbikes, and yes…potatoes.

Do you remember the best part of the first movie? Of course you do. It’s when the credits come out of nowhere blasting the Ramones’ “Pet Sematary”. With Mary Lambert returning as director to this sequel, it’s no shock that the movie ends awesomely with “Poison Heart” by no other than the Ramones. The movie also features a wicked score and some other great soundtrack artists including Traci Lords (you heard me), The Jesus and Mary Chain, and L7.

While it may not be as terrifying as the first, “Pet Sematary 2” definitely delivers a gory, fun, and sometimes creepy ride for those of us that don’t expect sequels to better their originals. I once heard of Lambert in talks to direct a third, but nothing has come of it since. Maybe I’ll bury my copy of part two in the pet sematary and see what happens.

Andrew’s Hidden Message: Dead is better. But not really.


~ by exploitnation on June 13, 2008.

One Response to “Pet Sematary II”

  1. All right, you´ve convinced me, Andrew. I´m gonna re-watch this one. I haven´t seen it since it was released and I didn´t like it that much back then but I was about 13 then… Hell, I don´t even remember that the film ended with “Poison Heart”. I have to pick this one up immediately.

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